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Dictionary for iPad

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Dictionary is an intuitive, consistent, hyperlinked and integrated English illustrated dictionary and thesaurus, spell checker, vocabulary builder and Wikipedia browser. Dictionary's intelligent word suggestion and search feature eliminates the need for a cluttered index interface.
Equally useful as a dictionary with intelligent word lookup, as a fast spell checker or as a Wikipedia web browser, Dictionary is fast and easy to use.

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If you encounter problems with Dictionary and are interested in getting them fixed, please contact the author at the support link below.


- Extensive hyperlinked dictionary with 150,000 entries.
- Large and growing collection of 2000+ illustrations for 4000+ terms including maps and national flags for most countries. The collection will continue to grow with future Dictionary updates (internet connectivity is required for illustrations).
- Fully integrated dictionary, thesaurus, Wikipedia browser (internet connectivity is required for accessing Wikipedia) and rhyming dictionary.
- Customizable definitions let you select what you want to see. You can display synonyms, antonyms (opposite words), hypernyms (more general words), hyponyms (more specific words) and related words (category words).
- Pronunciation guide in either IPA or Merriam-Webster style notation.
- E-mail functionality feature.
- Intelligent word search and spell check.
- Word Shake to learn new words and to expand your vocabulary and knowledge. Shake your iPad to learn about a new word or topic. When Dictionary is used primarily as a Wikipedia browser, shaking your iPad will display a random Wikipedia topic.
- Bookmarks for selected words.
- History of previously searched words.
- Optional translation of words being looked up to Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese and Thai. Translation uses Google translate and requires an internet connection.

Note that Dictionary does not require an internet connection.