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Hyper WARP (HD)

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** Includes WARP gce UnLock(1) - FREE!! **

(1) Disables all in-app Ad's & installs a Bonus (IAP) Pack

Please use the in-app contact form or email us. Any reports of problems in any iTunes review cannot be worked on. Sorry and thank-you.
"I played the lite game and loved it so I got this!! " - Zed.K
"I love this game!" - Gamer1220
"But if, like me, you came here looking for Space Trader for the iPad, this is it." - Baggend
"This is a really good rendition of the classic Galactic Trader game." - Jonathan vanAtom

Hyper WARP HD is THE single player, space trading game. It was developed for game players; whether you are a new space cadet just learning about space trading or a true veteran of the genre. We love playing the game and know you will get many, many hours of enjoyment out of it.

With pirates, police, traders and even tribbles and fleas (eh?) at every turn, it's all up to you whether or not you succeed and leave your mark in the galaxy or get blown to bits, alone in the cold, dark, depths of space…

Hyper WARP HD has all the features you've come to enjoy and expect in any space trading game. It also has several new twists and turns that we'll leave to you to discover and of course iOS (iPad) only features.

* "Sealed Cargo" runs to allow yet another revenue stream for the budding Space Trader
* Included iBook Users Guide (eBook format, see Credits & Email section). Works on both iPad and iPhone!
* Includes five jump start games (a unique Hyper WARP HD feature) to get you up and running fast!
* Swipe navigation on Warp screens
* Price guide on Buy Cargo screens
* Galactic Chart search with 2 or more characters
* Full Landscape and Portrait orientation support - hold your device the way you want!
* Unique Left Handed layouts (your thumb and fingers will thank you)
* A huge 126 Planet Galaxy to explore
* A unique Galaxy is created with every new game. That means it's never the same game twice
* 5 Difficulty levels to choose from, something for everyone
* 10 Unique Space Ships, 3 weapons and 2 shields along with several gadgets to enhance your ship
* Tab Bar alerts remind you to Sell your cargo, Refuel or Repair your ship or just where the heck you're supposed to be going!
* AutoSave and reload function - great for when you, oops hit the Home button!
* Advanced Pilot functions like Auto Attack and Auto Flee (that actually work)
* In-app html based User Guide, Quick Start Guide and a Tips & FAQ page
* In-app email option to forward the above guides for easy reference while you play the game
* Automatically saves your game upon arrival at each new system. The most recent saved game is listed in blue text making very easy to spot
* Commanders Log (fully editable) to record events, notes and whatever important tidbits you want while playing the game (no more scribbling on scraps of paper)
* Quickly add System events (news) to your Commanders Log with one tap!

We are committed to making Hyper WARP HD even better and welcome your feedback and suggestions. So what are you waiting for? Download Hyper WARP HD and start exploring the galaxy today!

There are additional screenshots on our web site and at the Hyper WARP site:

Search the iTunes App store for meachware or visit us online at for details about this and our other iOS (iPhone and iPad) applications.

Note: Please do not use the review for technical support. We have no way to contact you and already include several ways to contact us for support. Thank-you.