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Hell! is an exciting, fast-paced, face to face card game built exclusively for the iPad! Based on a form of double solitaire, Hell! lets you play with your friends on the same iPad! All the fun of face to face card play, but in a neat, portable package. You and your opponent play in your own building areas, stacking cards in red/black sequence just like regular solitaire, trying to empty a stock called the Hell! pile, but you can only score by playing Aces into the middle. Once an Ace hits the center the race begins, because you can play on each others Aces! You'll have to move fast and go out first because you go set for the number of cards left in your Hell! pile.

Hell! is a big game on a card table, but Hell! for the iPad makes it playable in restaurants, on airplanes, in the car - places it would have been impossible to play in the past. Are you fast enough?