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GoalTracker is excellent for motivating children to do their chores, or to keep track of their daily routine.

Create a set of daily tasks, chores, good behavior, medicine, or things to do. Give yourself a sticker for each task you complete each day. Setup a reward for reaching your goal.
You can also set goals for improving your healthy eating habits, taking medicine daily, drinking enough water, or whatever you choose. You earn trophies as you complete your goals, and you can setup rewards for completing goals.

When using Goal Tracker, you'll start by creating a personalized challenge, such as "Joshua's Daily Routine", "Sam's Behavior Chart", "Mom's Healthy Habits", or "My Medicine Tracker".

Then, within each challenge, you will set a goal to complete a certain number of tasks and specify a reward for achieving your goal. A reward can be anything... It can be as simple as spending extra time with a loved one, playing a game together, staying up late, getting a special treat, or going to a special place.

Add daily tasks for your challenge. Try to be specific about each task so that it is clear whether or not the task was accomplished each day.

Place stickers for each task you complete each day. You can choose from the set of stickers provided. As you add more stickers, you'll see the thermometer getting closer to your goal.

When you reach your goal, you will be reminded of your reward and you will get a trophy to remind you of that accomplishment .

Then, challenge yourself to another goal. You can repeat the same goal you just completed, or you can adjust it to make it easier or harder.