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Hex Time

iPhone / iPad
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First proposed by Swedish-American engineer in 1863, Hexadecimal time divides the day into a number of base 16 defined periods.

1 day = 16 hexadecimal hours (10 hex)

Each hour is sub-divided into 256 hexadecimal minutes (100 hex)

Each minute is further sub-divided into 16 hexadecimal seconds (10 hex)

In this way the day starts at midnight where the hexadecimal time is 0000, at midday it's 8000 and one second before the next midnight it's FFFF.

See the hexadecimal time live on your desk, or carry it around in your pocket to...

* Amaze friends with your understanding of advanced temporal concepts
* Learn how to quickly work out actual time by converting quickly from base 16 to base 10
(or just peek at the real clock...)
* Feel unusual how hex seconds seem somewhat slower than normal seconds
(1 hex second is approximately 1.32 normal seconds)
* Have something to talk about whilst passing the time

The application includes a mode whereby you can leave your device powered on and the time will be continually displayed.

Never be late for futuristic temporal appointments again!

* Includes funky temporal (yet retro) type graphical interface as standard

(We have other Time applications, including Ship's Radio Room Clock, Backwards Clock, Octal Time, Barcode Time, Tengwar Time and Approximate Time*, but this one is a mind bender - I try not to leave it on all the time! Still, no pun intended.)

*Seriously the best clock for anyone not really actually interested in the time...