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O-GAWA -The Future Beat Machine-

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O-Gawa (Ou-Gawa) is Yudo inc.'s first iPad musical application and fully makes use of the screen.

●What is O-Gawa?
It consists on touching objects synchronized with rhythm loops. Loops play back can also be designated.
The manipulation is really simple and is the best suited for real time performance.
You can also enjoy the visual effects made by the synchronized lines and shapes drawn with your finger on the top of the screen.
This "rhythm machine" using the iPad's environment has evolved into the best performance tool.
It is really helpful to make tracks using electronic and techno sounds.

●Play mode
O-Gawa contains many functions to use freely in order to enjoy your performance!
Here are the main functions included in the application.
Tap Tempo: It is possible to remove/modify sounds tuned on the same tempo by touching them.
Effect: If you move colored balls on the top of the screen, filter (Low Pass) and sound volume can be changed in real time.
Short Loop: If you touch the blue area, according to the light direction, it is possible to set very short section of a loop.
Reverse: If you touch the red area, according to the light direction, the reverse play back will start.
Object Change: If you touch the area on the right side of the screen, shapes will appear. According to their form, objects will be animated.
Object Edit: You can arrange object as you like. Once done, your arrangement will be automatically saved.

●Editing mode
It is possible to edit as wanted sound sets or the sounds play back timing included in a rhythm loop.
Some sounds have been cut down on samples used for making rhythm loops in order to change sounds in real time.
There are 6 tracks, and also tracks for stopped sounds use.
You can choose between 10 different sound sets.
If you change sounds of a rhyhtm loop, you will probably create new sounds!
You can cancel up to 10 times.
You can also do a special copy such as a 1/4 copy or a 1/2 copy.

●About Yudo inc.
Yudo inc. is a development studio specialised in sound games. Yudo inc creates applications for iPhone/iPod Touch which have been number one of the Appstore,
such as Matrix Music Pad (from the Music Toys series), Piano Lession PianoMan, the synthesiser 8Bitone, etc.
Yudo inc. also experiments the development of other musical applications (Rectools, Vocoder SV-5), video and audio streaming app, VoIP app, etc.