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IMPORTANT: If you are syncing your iPad with a Windows computer, please see the note about folder transfer BEFORE buying! Thanks!

InCode is a sleek code and plain text editor for the iPad.

Featuring tabbed editing and easy browsing of folder structures, InCode allows you to easily add folders full of files via the iPad's document sharing capabilities (see note below). Once on the device, you can edit on the go, and when you're done, you can drag the files back to your computer.

InCode isn't just for code - it can read and edit any plain text file, so if you prefer taking notes in plain text and want tabbed editing, it's the perfect application.

Be aware InCode will not automatically save your files, so you must ensure you save using the save button. An autosave feature, as well as many additional features, are planned for future releases, so be sure to watch for updates!

NOTE: To add a folder, rename the folder and add a ".incodebundle" extension to it. Finder will treat the folder as a file and permit iTunes to transfer it to the device. This is necessary because iTunes does not normally support folder transfer. When you get the .incodebundle back on your Mac, use the Finder's Get Info panel and remove the .incodebundle extension - the folder will be just as you left it. Remember to use the actual Get Info panel - simply selecting and renaming it to remove the extension actually HIDES the extension and will not work as expected! I plan to release a Mac helper app soon that will streamline the conversion to a single drag-and-drop. Follow @NovaStormSW on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed on our blog to keep up with news and updates.

NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: At this time I CANNOT confirm that the above technique will work with Windows, since Windows does not typically support bundles, but I will update the info when when I can confirm this. You can still transfer individual files that are in the root directory, but folders and their contents may be hidden in iTunes.