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Under My Feet

iPhone / iPad
  • Navigation
  • Education
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Under My Feet is educational program that enables you to explore get a glimpse of what is on the other side of the world from where you are standing. As you move you can see the relative movement on the other side of the world. Unfortunately the world is covered with 70% water and only 30% land, you might find that there is only water under your feet on the other side of the world. To make it a little more interesting you can cheat and set the under your feet location to any location on the earth. You could even set both the At My Feet (AMF) and Under My Feet (UMF) locations to be the same. This can be useful in the following ways:
Two different map types can display the same location giving a more complete picture.
Additional the maps can be zoomed to different levels giving a detailed map as well as an overview map.
Moving any of the maps will result in address information being displayed for the location directly under the center locator. Unlike traditional mapping application which often require additional user action (taping the map). Also the selection of the location to display information is much more accurate; the cross hair is much smaller that a finger tip. All of this facilitates exploring a location.
On the main screen you will see two maps the top one is where you are currently and the lower map is the position on the other side of the world. Information about your AMF and UMF locations are displayed on the maps. Controls include the map type choice (street, satellite or Hybrid), the display of a center locator, the display of location information (address), enabling your current location tracking, enable the tracking of the AMF map by the UMF map, dynamic help for all controls and enabling of either of the maps in full screen mode. The state of the application is saved every time the program exits, this allows you to continue from where you where the next time you start the Under My Feet application.