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How would you like to improve your memory with a real, proven technique that is used the world over? How about having the ability to remember all the cards in a deck as they are dealt? If this is a skill that you would find useful then MnemeCards could be just the application you’re looking for.

Many ‘Memory Game’ applications help you try to improve your memory through repetition and practice, a ‘brute force’ approach to improving your memory. They also focus on remembering abstracts (pictures, colours, numbers etc) which have little use in the real world.

MnemeCards is different…very different.

MnemeCards has been specifically designed to show you how to improve your memory in a practical way, using familiar playing cards. By using the tried and tested Journey method with practice you will be able to remember a whole deck of cards as they are dealt, in order.

This is a method that has been successfully applied for over 2000 years by professional memory men, card players and public speakers. Once you have learnt the method using MnemeCards you can apply it to just about any subject, from playing cards, remembering shopping lists or learning a language.

The Journey method uses what you already know to improve your memory to levels that you never thought were possible, and once you have the skill what you can achieve can be amazing.

Professional memory men use this technique to remember hundreds of cards in sequence, Poker players use this technique to remember every card dealt during a game, Trainers and Speakers use this technique to remember their presentations.

With MnemeCards you can learn the skills that will allow you to use this powerful tool to make significant improvements in your memory.