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7scenes helps you link your media to places so you can create engaging city experiences for anyone with a mobile phone. Guide, tour, game? That's up to you... Connect your story to the city!

How do you use 7scenes on a phone?
7scenes shows you 'scenes' that you can experience with your iPhone, so you have a new way to explore the city. Scenes are collections of places that are linked to photos, video, sound, text, tasks and rewards and are activated by simply being at these specific locations.

A Quick guide:

Discover // After you've started 7scenes, you see three sections: Featured - scenes we think are interesting, Nearby - scenes that are around you and Invites - scenes you're invited to.

Start // Select a scene to see what it's about. Read the back-story and see where it is located. Simply tap 'play' to start.

Navigate // You see yourself and the interactive places on the map. Some scenes you play together with others. These other players will appear on your map as well. Use the icons at the top right to locate yourself or to select a map. Zoom by pinching or double-tapping

Activate // Simply walk up to a place to activate it. You can now see whatever's inside (a video, photo, sound, text, task or reward). All places you've visited turn red. Tap on them to open them again. If you see a red blinking place, this is your next place.

Actions // Check the 'actions' tab to check what your progress is. Depending on which scene you're playing you can find here other options like scores, messaging, rewards and assignments.

Upload // At any moment when playing a scene, you can upload a photo or note, which is automatically linked to your location and can directly be shared through Facebook & Twitter.

Review // When you're finished playing, you're asked to rate and comment on your experience.

Share // If you want to recommend a scene you can directly share it through Facebook and Twitter.

Your Story // Be inspired! Create and share a scene about your story of the city.