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Marbletastic Checkers

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Welcome to Marbletastic Checkers, a simple and fun checkers game for 2 players. The name on the device is actually "2P Checkers" due to name truncation.

We decided to give away this app, since it's sales have been pretty close to 0, please try out our other game Port Defender Lite.

Playing checkers has never been so easy. To move just place your finger over the desired checker and drag it to your desired destination. Moves can be linked together to capture multiple pieces at the same time. Lines will form for each valid jump you make. To cancel a move just drag your piece back to its first location or release the selected piece over an invalid location. The current player is indicated by their move-able pieces glowing and a flashing light indicator located at each side of the board.

We have built in protection measure to stop players from accidentally resetting a game by requiring both players to press reset within a limited time frame.

And of course when you win fireworks start to fly towards the losing player.

We are working on more sound packs for future updates.