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The Parcheesi (or Ludo) game designed from scratch exclusively for iPad!, NOW with Online Multiplayer Option!, Game Center enabled!

AppAdvice: "The app faithfully recreates the feeling of playing the game."

Play with your family and friends to this cool board game. Your cat will never steal your pieces again!

Main Features:

- From 1 to 4 players: Human vs Human, Human vs Computer, 2 Human vs 2 Computer, etc.

- Game Center Enabled:

- Matchmarking and Invitations
- Leaderboards.
- In game chat.
- Timer to control turns.
- Incremental punctuation system.

- Play real: Move the pieces over the table with your fingers like in the phisical board game! Just touch the desired piece and move it to the desired position. If you can move to there, then release it when the green indicator appears and the counter will automatically position itself smoothly.

- Save your matches: You can now save your matches so later you can load them to continue playing!

- Save preferences: Your configuration will be automatically saved for you with your preferences.

- Fully configurable: Change the positions you want to advance when eating or arriving the finish lane, start with one chip outside of home and many more!

- Play against computer! You can even set 4 Computer players and see how the play one against each other :).

- Avatar support: Enjoy the cool avatars included and select your favourite to win the match!

- Computer assisted: The Game will detect fraudulent movements and barriers.

- Animations and Sound FX: Dice animations, Cool sound efects, your kids will love that! (and hope you too :)

Enjoy the game and feel free to send me your suggestions and possible bugs for future versions!

Runs only on Ipad.