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The best just got better,
XA1p, the iPad version of the best audio realtime spectrum analyzer for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

XA1 is made to give realtime feedback of the audio spectrum,
so when mixing or doing other audio related work,
XA1 will help you with a visible reference for your sound.

XA1 works with the build-in microphone.
Sticky *****
by Fundamental Audio - Version 1.1 - 10/02/2010
This is fantastic I use it to monitor our Funktion One rig front of house gives very precise readings fully adjustable for any range

Best Audio Spectrum Analyzer! *****
by 2-D - Version 1.1 - 06/10/2009
This app is worth every penny of the price. To have an audio analyzer pocket size and with excellent graphics, speed and performance that can't be matched by any of the FFT type apps you find in the app store period. The few portable dedicated "hardware based" analyzers are a minimum of $1200.00 or more. I have tested this in our lab and found the filters accurate to a within few Hz. This is great for setting up a high end car audio systems for competition or home systems for the purest. I use this for setting up audio systems in corporate jets and my recording studio with awesome results. The new update 1.1 fixed all the issues that came with 3.1 and the 3GS iPhone settings menu and the filters are more accurate as well. Excellent work Mark. Thank you for an fantastic piece of software that transforms my iPhone into an excellent tool for work.

- 1/3, 1/6, 1/12 octave filters.
- 30, 60 or 120 bands.
- Very low latency.
- Key mode, 10 octave keyboard, filters tuned to musical intervals.
- Listen to selected band.
- RMS/Peak mode
- Peak hold on/off
- Filter bandwidth adjustment.
- Gain 0-50db in 10db steps.
- Range 15, 30, 45, 60db
- Variable release time.