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Dig to China!+

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Did you ever wonder what is on the opposite side of the world from you?  As a child were you asked, “are you digging to China?”  If you continued digging, where would you surface? 
Did you know that Auckland, New Zealand is opposite or antipodal to Seville, Spain?  Or that if you dug a hole in New Jersey you wouldn’t end up in China, but off the western coast of Australia?
Dig to China!+ calculates your current location and shows you what is on the opposite side of the world.  This opposite location is known as your antipode.  Dig to China!+ displays your antipode as well as your latitudinal and longitudinal opposites.
3G service or Wi-Fi connectivity not required for use. Dig to China! uses GPS, cellular triangulation or Wi-Fi to obtain your current location.  If 3G service or Wi-Fi connectivity is not available you can enter your current or starting location manually.

WARNING: Please note that White Pigeon Design does not recommend attempting to dig to China or any other antipodal position as your chances of surviving both the subterranean creatures of Middle Earth and the molten core are very slim.