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Tinha War 天下太平

iPhone / iPad
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Tinha is a Hong Kong traditional board game, which was very popular in 1980s-1990s. In this game, you will lead an army, aim to destroy the enemy bases.

Three games are included in the package:

[I. The Tinha War]

- Story mode, with different stages
- You have your own Level, Experience, HP, Attack, Hit%, Dodge%
- You can use Master-stroke
- Barrier and fortress on map
- Enemy with characteristic

[II. The Tinha Traditional]

- The classic 1980s Tinha game
- The winner of RoShamBo (paper rock sccissor) can either attack, produce or protect your bases.
- Enemy have character and strategy

[III. Two Players Mode]
- The Tinha Traditional, for 2 players

- You can draw your onw solider, or capture from photo
- Brand new gaming system: Action point, Territory, Enemy Character
- Online ranking
- iPhone (OS 3.0) and iPad (OS 3.2 Specially designed) version included universally
- Support English and Traditional Chinese




[I. 天下太平大戰版]

- 故事模式, 有各式關卡
- 玩家具備等級,經驗值,能力值 (攻擊,體力,命中率,回避率)
- 玩家可使用必殺技,調整能力
- 地圖有障礙物及回避率加乘
- 各關卡有不同的任務,敵軍有不同性格
- 強力登場角色如勇者,公主,黑騎士,魔獸等。
- 戰後有戰績評價。

[II. 天下太平傳統版]

- 1980年代猜拳版。單關卡。
- 玩家可 攻擊, 生產, 防護。
- 敵軍按性格出拳

[III. 二人模式]
- 天下太平傳統版, 二人對戰版


- 自行繪畫士兵,或從照片生產士兵
- 嶄新遊戲設定: 行動力,國土,敵軍性格
- 網上全球排行榜
- 一個價錢,同時支援 iPhone (OS 3.0) 及 iPad (OS 3.2 特製版)
- 支援繁體中文及英文