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Paddle Pong HD

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Cool pong-like game with features never seen before! * 1 or 2 players mode * rotate paddle using your fingers * use various bonuses during gameplay to beat your opponent! Try to beat your friends or best computer player "Startblastr"! ---- Chill. Relax! Call a player and get into to a game of double-player Paddle Pong, (a table-tennis inspired game) or try to beat the computer player. Here’s the scoop: The paddle puts the ball in play and drives it across the game field. Tip the paddle for great angle shots by tilting your finger(s) up, down, or out. Next, catch bonuses before they get away and make life to your opponent little bit harder (for example make his paddle smaller). But, careful now, DON’T MISS THE BALL. Aw, you gotta keep the ball in play! Like things faster? Use the speed mode for, (you guessed it) more speed! When game time is over, tell us how you liked it. This is not the latest version. We want feedback so we can get it just right. Look for the second mode soon. Don’t worry, it will be free for all existing customers! Don't have seconds player? You can practice against iPad. We prepared 5 types of computer players, yes, it is probably easy to beat "Babybat", but can you beat the best one "Startblastr"?