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Can you handle the most unfamiliar finger positions? Find out with this challenging twistgame which can be played with your friend or just by yourself.

To accomplish this we have a lot of colored dots to place your fingers on.
You can choose how many fingers you want to tangle and if you want to combat your agility with someone else.

Just place the iPad face up and start the app.
Choose the amount of players and the number of fingers each player wants to tangle and you're ready to play!

- Co-op Mode
- Fun Stats
- Highscore

When the game starts there is a column blinking, every players has to put one finger on that column and keep it there.
Do this until all of your chosen amount of fingers are in place.

Now it's time to move fingers that are already on the board, the fingers you have to move are indicated with a white pulsing ring. Lift that finger(s) and place them on a dot in the next blinking column.

If you lift a finger that shouldn't be lifted or touch a wrong dot: Game Over.