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With version 2.0, MarketScan is now a Universal App and runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

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Quickly and easily scan through the online financial market data that you are interested in using MarketScan on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

MarketScan gives you access to all the online financial market information that you need via a fast, easy to use interface. View online financial market news, online portfolios, detailed information (quotes, commentary, charts, etc.) on individual securities, and more. You have complete control over the information that is presented and can fully configure the application for your personal requirements.

In Sites mode, you can quickly scan through the financial information web sites that you care about. A variety of financial information web sites are preloaded to get you started. The list of sites can be easily edited to contain all the sites you want to reference.

The real power of MarketScan is in Securities mode. In Securities mode, the list of security ticker symbols that you are interested in following and the available security information sites are displayed. A number of security ticker symbols are preloaded to get you started, and this list can be easily edited to contain the security ticker symbols you want to follow. For each security, a variety of sources of information on the security are available and are displayed along the bottom of the screen. Security information sites, are sites that provide detailed information for a specific security. Detailed information could include stock quotes from different sources, charts, commentary, etc. A variety of security information sites are preloaded to get you started, and are fully editable. In Securities mode you can scan through the securities you are interested in, viewing information from a variety of sources quickly and easily by touch.

Using MarketScan you will be able to quickly navigate through the online financial information and securities data that you care about via a fast, simple and easy to use touch interface.