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WORP HD - Next Gen Solitaire Puzzle

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Want to stimulate your brain, have fun and relax, all at the same time? Welcome to the world of WORP HD. Your iPad now becomes a gaming machine, full of challenge and excitement. Manipulate the colored bits correctly and you take the win. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Top #8 Game for iPhone 4G (

The ultimate mind exercise and amusement comes up in a single iPhone application – WORP (

A profitable gift of concentration for all that love challenge (Carsten Scheibe –

I hate Solitaire, but this game is really fun to play (

This is really fun
“The current version runs without problems, the menu is easy to use and totally understandable. The rules are very well explained and the tutorial is short and easy to understand. The game offers both diverting relaxation for small pauses or for bridging a gap between appointments and real challenges for combination skills in the higher levels. Conclusion: real fun!”
– obstfreund

Great little Brain Burner

„If you enjoy a good puzzler, Worp is for you. I think the instructions could be a bit clearer, but a game or two will make things click. Very groovy ambient techno soundtrack. Well worth the dough they are asking for it.“
– Ortho123

Your brow is furrowed in concentration. So far, you’ve only managed to turn some of the primary bits into combined bits. That’s what they call the playing pieces in this game – bits. Yet you have already eliminated quite a few from the board , but you still have a ways to go to get down to just one bit and release the game’s next memory.

This is more than a mere brain teaser, WORP HD requires you to really stretch your intellect. The funny thing is, you love every second of it.

Just imagine training your brain and relaxing at the same time. The WORP HD app challenges you to intuitively learn the code for subtractive color synthesis while enjoying the electronic sounds of Konsorten™. Don’t let the fancy talk scare you off. You can definitely do this and have a ton of fun while you’re at it.

The idea is to eliminate bits. You start the first game with primary bits. Select one and all possible moves are revealed to you. Okay, start jumping the neighboring bits until there is only one left. There are instances when combined bits will occur and that just adds a new, interesting dimension to the game. But pay attention that the bits don't get stuck.

When you get down to one bit, WORP HD starts calculating and opens another memory for you to continue on with. Check out the screen shots to see what further challenges WORP HD has to offer.

Made a mistake? Don’t worry, just click the Undo button and try again. You might have to do that more than once. This application has three difficulty levels and nine different memories, which increase in difficulty as they go.

If you need to take a little break because your brain is overheating, WORP HD lets you save your game and come back to where you left off.

WORP HD provides the atmospheric sounds that complete the experience for you. You are going to be totally immersed in this game.

- 9 different memories of increasing difficulty
- 3 difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – for each of the 9 memories
- Atmospheric sound design by Konsorten™
- Interrupt any time via the Home button – resume where you left off
- Undo all moves even after resuming a game

Show yourself what you and your brain can do. Download WORP HD now and start exercising your grey matter. Within minutes, you’ll be fully absorbed and having the time of your life.