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Table Tag

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Play tag with your friends!

For 2-4 players, Table Tag lets you play arcade-style Tag and Freeze Tag. Control your movements with virtual joysticks. Each round starts with a randomly selected blinking Tagger: if you're the Tagger, catch the other players before time runs out! Otherwise, avoid the Tagger to score points!

• Multiplayer - 2 to 4 players compete
• 2 exciting game modes
• Easy to learn
• Fast rounds - play anytime, anywhere
• Arcade-style controls
• Obstacles vary for dynamic play
• Polished graphics

Avoid the blinking Tagger until the round ends. If you are tagged, you're out for the round. If you are the Tagger, catch everyone else.

Freeze Tag:
If tagged, you are frozen until another player unfreezes you. The Tagger wins points for each player frozen before the end of the level.