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Learn to play the piano the new, fun way. LineSpace turns sight-reading practice into an engaging and addicting game.

Start out learning the easy way, with color coded keys--but learn fast, and switch off the colors to triple your scores! Increase the pace and difficulty at your discretion, and tweak your technique to score even higher! Great for kids, gets them competing against themselves and others.

LineSpace provides an immersive learning environment with multiple forms of feedback. Besides visual notation display, different pitched tones are sounded before playing, when the correct notes are played, and when an incorrect note is played. Train your ears at the same time you train your fingers!

LineSpace contains a unique generative music engine. In order to actually train you to read the notes on the staff (instead of just building muscle-memory), all of the music is randomly generated--the pattern is never the same twice! But instead of being completely random, the music generator follows standard rules of music theory--so what you are playing actually sounds like music.

Why waste time with a plastic guitar? Learn to play a real instrument the same way, on the go!