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Disclosure Pro

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Based on the popular word game for the iPhone and iTouch, Disclosure Pro has been completely redesigned for the iPad with great new 3D animated graphics.

Now containing all of the previous Editions in this single bumper version with over 2,000 questions, Disclosure Pro includes a new multi-player mode for the whole family to enjoy and is a great way to show off your new iPad.

Simple to play and yet strangely addictive, Disclosure Pro is guaranteed to keep you tapping away late into the night. It combines general knowledge with word recognition and is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys word puzzles of any kind. This beautifully designed app will keep your mind sharp, challenge your word skills and will quickly become the first game you turn to when you have a few moments to spare.

Think you know your movies? Can you spot a celebrity a mile off? Whether it’s TV shows, books, celebrities, well known phrases or films, Disclosure Pro has a category for you. With over a thousand questions to go at in the Classic Edition alone, Disclosure Pro is sure to keep you guessing.

And that’s not all – another thousand questions plus, split across different Editions, are available for kids or those of you who want to try your hand at Our World or the Arts.

The aim of the game is to complete the movie title, well known phrase or saying, celebrity name etc. by replacing the question marks with the correct letters. Here’s an example:

T?E B??R?E ID????T? – can you name that movie?

The level you chose (easy through to very hard) decides how many letters you are given to begin with, so you can start with ‘easy’ and work your way up to ‘very hard’ as your brain gets sharper. Plus there’s a hint button to help out if you get stuck.

There are a number of play modes available: you can either go it alone and play against the clock or take the Category Challenge or you can switch to multi-player mode and play against your friends and family.

New categories and questions are being added all the time but, for now, available categories are:

Classic Edition
• Books
• Celebrities
• UK TV Shows
• Phrases and Sayings
• Movies
• US TV Shows

Kids Edition
• Animals
• Pop Stars
• Movies
• Cartoon Characters
• Sport and Games

• Writers and Poets
• Operas
• Works of Dickens
• Artists
• Classical Composers

Our World
• Countries
• US States
• Scientists and Inventors
• Capital Cities
• Astronomy

So …. if you’ve had enough of all the standard word games out there, give Disclosure Pro a go – you’ll be glad you did!