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RadioMaze HD

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RadioMaze HD -- The perfect game for your kids ages 7 - 12! (NO Ads in any of my games!)

RadioMaze is a TILT-the-iPad game with INFINITE levels of intense, maze searching fury. Object: guide your silver ball to the finish flag. Pick up BOMBS along the way to blast short cuts through the maze. Pick up clocks to gain more time. Pick up GOLD for the HIGHEST score. KEYS open walls. CLOCKS gain you more time. Watch out for the arrows -- they can warp you to anywhere in the maze!

Each maze LEVEL gets progressively BIGGER!

Listen to Rock, Country, Pop, Metal, Blues, HipHop, or Classical streaming music while you play! Radio starts playing when game starts. Change stations at will.

And when you're not playing, put your game on PAUSE and use it as your favorite iPad music player!

Tilt your iPad and guide your silver ball through countless mazes trying to beat the clock. Intense, fast, furious, musical fun.

Download version 1.1 now!

Wifi or 3G connection required
for streaming internet music!
OVER 100 Unique MP3 steaming
radio stations included with
this app!

Note: if music stops during game play,
just press knob at bottom left of
screen to go to NEXT STATION. Press
RIGHT button to PAUSE game play and
select just the song you want to hear!

Thanks for downloading!

**** FREE For a LIMITED TIME!!! ***