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Rainforest Box

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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A version of the classic 'moo box' child's toy that makes an animal sound when you turn it upside down, with rainforest animals and their sounds

This version features a continuous scrolling landscape with 20 animals and their corresponding noises.

The animal names can also be viewed on screen in English, Spanish or French by scrolling to the left of the first animal to reveal the language settings.

Great for children to learn animal noises and names plus fun for adults too.

All the animals have been hand drawn in an engaging way rather than using clip-art.

The animal noises can be activated by turning the iPhone or iPodTouch upside down and then the right way up, or by shaking or by tapping the green speaker part of the moo box illustration.

Featured animals: Spider Monkey, Humming Bird, Poison Dart Frog, Yellow Rumped Cacique, Jaguar, Sloth, Quetzal, Tapir, Toucan, Weasel, Macaw, Cicada, Ant Eater, Coati, Bush Dog, Crocodile, Flamingo, Capybara, Puma, Harpy Eagle.

There are no additional settings or preference screens to cause frustration for children.


Please note: First generation iPod Touch users will need headphones to hear the sounds. All users need to make sure that sounds are enabled, the mute button is off and volume is turned up.