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Solar Panel Advisor for iPad

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Curious to know what solar energy can do for you.
Your iPad now behaves like a solar panel.
Keep it facing the sun and click compute to display how much power could be generated with any size solar panel.
It also emails the results to your email if you wish to get the results in your inbox.
You can try various cloud scenarios and see how the solar output changes.
Keep your phone in different orientations and tilt to see how it changes the output.
Finally the result is compared to the US national average.

This cool application quickly also computes sun rise, sun set, sin elevation and sun azimuth.

It’s is a good informative and educational tool to learn more about solar energy.

And for people who have invested in solar power. The app lets you to do remote monitoring of your installation and could also suggests cleaning of your solar panel.

*This tool measures the solar energy potential at a location, please do not use this to make investment decisions.