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This application lets you read, on your iPad, anything you can print from your computer. Print photos, text, documents, web pages, emails, spreadsheets, presentations, artwork, screen captures, from your computer using the print menu.

After printing from your computer, you can view the printouts on your iPad. Requires wi-fi connection to print.

**NOTE** This app is not meant for printing FROM your iPad. BUT it will do that now, too. This app is still mainly for printing TO your iPad so you can save some paper and ink. ***

Zoom in to read the small print.

Delete a printout when you're finished with it by swiping left on its entry in the printout list.

Instead of stuffing a stack of "read later" printouts into your backpack, print them all to your iPad.

Show comps and mock-ups to clients on your iPad (and now, print them straight from iPrinter to *their* printer, if they want.)

And when someone wants to "print you out a quick copy" of that 150-page spec - have them print it to your iPad and save a tree.


For users of Macintosh computers, no additional software is required - it just works.*

To print from a Mac computer: Start the System Preferences application and select “Print & Fax,” then use the + button to add your iPad as a printer. You will then be able to print to it like you would print to any other printer.

For PC users, you'll need the the free "Bonjour for Windows" (available from Apple - search the Apple web site for the latest version.)*

For more detailed instructions and the latest information and troubleshooting, please visit the website.

* The "Bonjour for Windows" application sometimes loses the connection with the printer while you are trying to install a printer on a PC. This happens with all printers. A workaround is to hit the next buttons as quickly as possible when adding the printer.

Windows 7 users, when installing via the Bonjour Wizard: if you don't see a Generic Postscript driver, you can choose the "HP Color Laser Jet 2800 Series PS" driver.

* The "Bonjour for Windows" printer driver sometimes will use the DNS address if it responds quicker than the MDNS address. This is a bug in the "Bonjour for Windows" printer driver. In version 2 of this application (scheduled for release in June 2010), we will add PC zeroconf and IPP support. This will work around this and other bugs.

* most VPN software masks all Bonjour printers. If your computer is using a VPN, you may not be able to print to the iPad. We will have a workaround in version 2.0 of the software scheduled for release in June 2010.

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