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Bedtime Tales

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When was the last time technology brought your family closer together?

Bedtime Tales was inspired by the best bed time story telling method in existence -where you ask each child what they want in the story and then you weave a tale that includes all the characters.

Bedtime Tales allows your child or children to select 3 of 9 different character portraits and then a unique story is prepared for you and your child to read. This story is suitable for all ages and can include an evil witch, a courageous young princess, a valiant knight, a vegetarian gnome, a dragon, a robot, mermaids, fairies, pirates, and trolls!

Are you tired of reading the same books again and again?
Then this book is the perfect solution. It is short enough for bed time and never the same but it always makes sense. Well as much sense as normal children's stories.

This application was custom made. Exclusively for the iPad and it is like no other story application. So purchase without hesitation you will not regret it.