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Recommended in the Rough Guide to the iPad.

Bashō is a distraction-free writing environment - an app that gets out of your way so you can concentrate on getting words on the page.

Bashō lets you focus. How often has your flow been interrupted by a spell check? How much time have you spent procrastinating with fonts and styles instead of being productive? Bashō has no formatting tools and it won't nag you about spelling unless you change the settings. It won't make your document look good, but it will help you get it written.

Bashō keeps it simple. You don't even need to worry about saving your work. Bashō remembers to do that for you. Bashō hides its toolbars when you don't need them, leaving you with just a keyboard and your text. Attach a physical keyboard for a perfectly distraction-free full-screen writing environment.

Bashō plays well with others. You can transfer documents in and out of Bashō using iTunes file sharing. You can also email your documents from within the app. Bashō uses ultra-portable plain text files, which are compatible with all popular word processors, including Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and Pages.