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Name That Jersey Pro Football Saints Edition

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Do you think you know the Saints Pro Football Team? Do you remember players from way back? Well if you really know the Saints then take the NAME THAT JERSEY SAINTS EDITION challenge!! This version of NAME THAT JERSEY includes all the years of the SAINTS.

This is the game that all football fans have been waiting for. This is definitely not your normal boring sports trivia game. If you can remember jersey numbers you will be a pro at “Name That Jersey” challenge. Simply select the correct player for the jersey number shown on the screen. Pick one correct player for all teams and you win the challenge! Pick the wrong player and you must start from the beginning.

Share your success with your friends by posting your “Name That Jersey” score to Facebook and Twitter! You can also brag to your friends by email.

HISTORY: How far back can you go? Remember those football cards you collected as a kid? Think you know jersey numbers? Go back in time with other great Name That Jersey editions! Check out our website at for more info on the Name That Jersey collection.


Select your Challenge!

EASY – Select the team given or select a different one. Jersey number and player position is given. Select your answer from a list of players. The ‘Easy’ Challenge will give you a smaller number of players to choose from. Also the players are typically primary starters for that particular year. Warning: The closer you get to completing the challenge, the more challenging the players become (you may want to save the teams you know best for last)!

MEDIUM – Same as ‘Easy’ except the player list is expanded. You may get more difficult players and positions– GOOD LUCK!

HARD – Select your team city. Only the Jersey number is given – no position. Select your answer from a list of all starters for that team. Yes, you must be an expert to make it through all cities!

MINOR DETAIL – If you fail to Name That Jersey - your game will end and you will have to start over from the beginning. That is why we call it a CHALLENGE!

BONUS – Bonus points are given for certain players and positions. The bonus is determined by the difficulty and obscurity of the player and position. It is displayed with the jersey and is added to your score if the player selection is correct.

FINALLY - don’t forget to Email, Tweet, and Facebook your high scores – show the world that you are a “Name That Jersey” champion!

✰ If you like this edition check out NAME THAT JERSEY ULTIMATE EDITION, it includes the Saints Plus 40 other versions.

DISCLAIMER: This application is developed by PLR Concepts, LLC which has no association or affiliation with the NFL, NFL Properties, NFL Teams, National Football League, NFL Players Association, NCAA, any professional or collegiate teams, or any schools mentioned.

Information within this application may be fact or fiction and PLR Concepts, LLC makes no guarantee as to the validity of any data displayed. All data presented within this application is strictly for informational and entertainment purposes only.