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"I admit I didn't like this app the first time I loaded it. [...] But it really is a nicely done app with the right amount of visual flourish. The Greek background music also puts a smile on my face, it gives that extra authentic feeling. :) I imagine if you like pattern matching and board clearing (or you know the Greek alphabet) then you'd have fun with this game."

"Amazing, colorful, addictive and very ancient."

"I did have some trouble getting used to the Greek letters. I keep putting it off. It is a very good app. Well done by the developers. Once you get the hang of's a lot of fun."

#1 The story:
"A long time ago in ancient Greece was living extremely rich greek Dedalos Papulosis. He always wanted gold only for himself. To hide his fortune he commanded all slaves to build great labyrinth. And all who have seen drafts of that construction were killed. Only one thing is known: there are 42 stone gates locked with words. Many brave young people did try to enter but..." . Now it's your turn! Good luck!

#2 How to play?
There is a 6x7 grid (so 42 cells) filled with constantly changing and random Greek letters of various colors. Down below this grid is a Greek word. Your mission is to find the letters for that word below as quickly as possible before the level's timer runs out. There is no need to type signs in order, type sign when you will saw it. The letters you need may not be on the board at this particular moment! So you'll either need to wait for the needed letter to show up (each cell, unless the letter is locked, will come up with a new letter every few seconds) or use up one of your allotted "Resets" (this shuffles the board but uses up 30% of your remaining time) or use sings with special features Replacer, Changer and Locker. If you manage to spell enough words you'll be allowed to progress onto a new level with a completely reset timer for the next level. If just spelling these Greek words isn't challenging enough and you want to get into extra style points, you can spell words in all different colored letters or making a point to only use black and white letters in an alternating manner.

#3 Game features:
- 2 magic combos (and next 2 in full version)
- 6 special signs
- 8 colors for signs
- 26 unique ancient signs
- 42 fields on board
- 42 gates to unlock
- each sign has its live time
- 1359 words locking gates
- 4 game types: easy, normal, hard, insane
- personal scores table
- daily scores table
- global scores table