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JumiOne - Full Access to your Windows PC

iPhone / iPad
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The Best Remote Desktop Solution!!!

Ultimate control for your iPhone and iPad Transforming your mobile iDevice into a centralized remote control for your entire PC with JumiOne today! This powerful mobile control hub has the value of six unique remote apps that let you control your desktop’s mouse, camera, as well as Winamp and other software from anywhere!

Featured on numerous high profile media outlets such as CNET, JumiOne is one of the premier remote platforms for controlling PC’s fully tailored and optimized for use via iOS devices.

JumiOne has all the resources users will need to transform their iPhone into a remote PC hub. The app can be fully utilized on any computer that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Furthermore, this flexible app can connect to PC’s via Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge as well, ensuring that connectivity issues are nearly non-existent!

With continuous updates, users never have to worry about the app becoming dated or barring them from control important applications on their desktop. Due to its technical nature, JumiOne’s developers have also gone to great lengths to offer their users a highly responsive support network. The app’s site offers an in-depth FAQ section and personalized friendly support can be requested by emailing the developers at as well.

Whether users want to control their own web-cam streams remotely, use their iPhone as a controller for their PC’s media player, grab their mobile device to use as a controller when playing computer games, or use it for almost anything else they can think of, JumiOne is their sleek centralized solution!

JumiOne remote applications & functions:

* JumiMouse+: Turns your iPhone/iPod into a remote desktop client, mouse, keyboard, and a wireless universal PC remote control all at once! This app can also transmit PC Video & Audio as well.

* JumiMouse+ Gamers Edition: This app is almost exactly the same as JumiMouse+, but also includes a professional Joystick game controller for the PC gamer in all of us.

* JumiFiles: Access all your PC files anywhere, anytime, download any file to your device for offline viewing and more.

* JumiCam: A high performance monitoring, tracking, and spying system with the power to connect to an unlimited number of web-cams & PCs. Can stream live video and audio straight to user’s iPhones.

* JumiFly: This app is available simply for the sake of having a good time. Users can use JumiFly to play a clever prank you can play on their friends & family by teleporting a virtual yet life-like fly from their phones to their friends’ PC monitors.

* JumiAmp: This useful app turns user’s iPhones/ iPods into the ultimate remote PC Winamp controller. Users can utilize JumiAmp from anywhere & play music or watch movies stored on their PC’s on the go. This app works via Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge connection.

* JumiRemotes: A collection of remote controls for different PC programs. Download more remotes for free from JumiTech’s gallery, or even build and your own remote control for any PC program.

* JumiSign: A simple solution for signing a documents stored on a PC. Users Simply sign onto their touch screen and paste pre-made signatures as an image in any document in seconds.

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 Bit)
JumiController currently does not support use for OSX laptops or desktops.

Installation & Connection:

Install the Jumi Controller from
Start JumiOne on your iPhone/iPod and connect.

Tech Support:

Users can find answers to our most commonly asked questions via

Friendly personalized tech support is available via 

Note: JumiTech cannot reply to reviews posted on the App Store as we have no method of contacting individual reviewers. If you’d like to contact us, please do so via the support channels listed above.