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Crazy Coins

iPhone / iPad
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  • Educational
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An addictive app that will sharpen your mental skills. For each of the 28 levels (0 - 27), you have 60 seconds to try to answer as many questions as you can. For each question, you are given an amount in cents and you're to figure out how many of each coin you need to form that amount. How quick are you?

You progress through the levels in sequence, earning points for each correct answer and the time remaining when you clear a level. To clear a level, you need to answer a certain number of questions correctly before the 60 seconds expire. The number of questions required to clear the level is based on the difficulty you select:

Difficulty Levels:
Easy: 3 correct
Medium: 6 correct
Hard: 12 correct
Impossible: 24 correct

The value and number of the coins in each of the levels depends on the level number. In some of the earlier levels, you are presented with some familiar denominations (pennies, dimes, dollars) and some new coins amounts (2-cent, 4-cent, and 8-cent coins). In some of the later rounds, the amounts become larger and you are presented with more new coins.

Game Buttons:
* Tap on any digit in a column to select the number of those coins you require to form the amount. After correctly doing this for all such columns, all of the selected buttons will deselect, you gain a point, and a new amount will appear.

* Rotation of screen

Educational Value:
* This game sharpens basic math skills (addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division) for people of all ages.
* This game serves as an excellent teaching aid for understanding our representation of numbers and different bases. Which is an easier question: How do you represent 41 in base 5, or how many quarters, nickels and pennies do you need to make 41 cents?
* This game is an original development created by a math PhD student who has had experience teaching different bases to college liberal arts students.

Version: 1.1