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Cook's Pad

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With Cook's Pad, the iPad becomes the ultimate kitchen tool. Designed to to be used while you're cooking, Cook's Pad goes beyond being a simple recipe manager by allowing you easy access to just the recipes you need during your cooking session.

Recipes can easily be added to your countertop (an area on the iPad screen that allows you to keep the recipes you need immediately at you fingertips while you're in the kitchen. You then simply tap the icon of any recipe to have it displayed instantly. This allows you to select between multiple recipes with a single touch without losing focus on your cooking. No more juggling multiple cookbooks and flipping pages while making multiple dishes.

Additionally, Cook's Pad manages timers for you, too. You can set as many timers as necessary. You can even name the timers so that you can instantly tell, at a glance, exactly which task is being timed and how much time is remaining.

Simplify your cooking with Cook's Pad.

NOTE: To ensure that the data entry portion is functions perfectly, it will be delayed. You can become familiar with the functioning of Cook's Pad now and add your own recipes with the next update.

NOTE 2: I'm aware that the interface is slow in spots and exhibits occasional glitches. Sadly, as a developer, I don't have access to the actual iPad until the same time as my customers and the code runs differently on the device than in the simulator. However, I am working to fix these issues and add the input system as well. Please have a little patience and these will be fixed in a free update as soon as possible.