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Crayons - Vector Drawing

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  • Photo & Video
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Crayons is a vector based drawing software with great tools, layers functionality and PDF export.

Features of Crayons:
- Available drawing tools:
- Pen: Draw smooth shapes using bezier splines with control points
- Brush: Free Drawing with segmented lines
- Line: Draw Lines
- Rectangle & circle shapes: Draw Shapes with or without fill color
- Photo: Import photos from your iPad photo library; Scale with real time preview
- Text: Write Text with different sizes and fonts with real time preview
- Bucket: Fill whole layers with one solid or transparent color
- Selection: Select, transform and move draw object
- Direct Selection: Select and move key- and control points of draw object
- Move: Move all shapes of one layer

- Undo functionality for all tools
- RGB color selector for fore- and background (stroke & fill color)
- Full layer support (add layers, delete layers, reorder layers, alpha-value for whole layer,...)
- Export functions: PDF (vector based), PNG & JPEG
- Session Manager: Manage your automatically saved sketch sessions (load, duplicate, rename, delete, export,...)
- Drawing in Landscape and Portrait mode