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Bright Strobe for iPad

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Download this fantastic iPad app and you'll have absolutely the greatest sensation in your hands with realistic strobe effects!

Straight away, you'll have the coolest light effects on your iPad with this Strobe.

The app works best in the dark - you'll be amazed how brightly lit your iPad and the room you're in can get!

Don't look directly into the device or you'll be very dazzled! (Which is exactly the desired effect!).

A strobe changes light so quickly that the human eye can't keep up... And movements made in front of it seem all broken up!

You might know this effect from clubs and discos. Now at home!


- Realistic bright strobe effects!
- Let your music play along!
- Your settings are saved!
- Set lightning (strobe effect) speed!
- Loads of different colors, not just white!

In the dark, it will light your way like a flashlight (on slow setting)!

With this app you'll be the next party-king!



Some people may suffer mental confusion or epileptic seizures when exposed to
certain strobe effects or flashes of light. Certain graphics and effects in computer games may trigger an epileptic seizure or loss of consciousness in those people. Previously unknown tendencies toward epilepsy could also be stimulated. If you or someone in your family have an epileptic condition, please consult your doctor before using this game. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle spasms, fainting, disorientation or any sort of involuntary
movement or cramps while playing the game, turn the device off IMMEDIATELY and
consult a doctor before continuing to play.