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IWS Paint

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
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Do you like to paint, draw, sketch, doodle, stamp, or just scribble? IWS Paint is a fun and easy to use paint app for artists and casual doodlers alike.

Become a mobile artist and create original artwork at the touch of your finger.

Download your free copy of IWS Paint today and release your inner creativity!


■ FULL VERSION FEATURES (single one-time purchase)

Layer Management:

□ Unlimited layers. Make as many layers as your device's memory will allow.
□ Easily manage your layers by naming, reordering, and showing/hiding them.
□ Independently scale, resize, flip, rotate, position, clear or delete your layers.
□ Conveniently scale, resize, flip and rotate layers with layer preview.
□ Import images from your album as new layers.
□ Duplicate existing layers.
□ Flatten or Merge your layers anytime in the System Menu.
■ Change the transparency of your layer with Layer Opacity.
■ Layer Blending Modes including: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Linear Dodge (Add), Overlay, and Exclusion
■ Ability to set Blending Modes manually using Source and Destination values.


□ Standard RGB color sliders with Color Preview and Opacity.
□ Save your favorite colors in up to 10 customizable paint buckets.
□ Eyedropper Tool.
■ Advanced color selection using the Color Picker.


□ More than 70 different resizable brushes to choose from.
□ All brushes can be used for both drawing and erasing!
■ Find the brush you want quickly with the Brush Picker view.
■ Custom Brush Blending Modes including: Normal, Multiply, Linear Dodge (Add), and Screen
■ Ability to set Blending Modes manually using Source and Destination values.
■ Customizable brush settings. Change brush Spacing, Scatter, and Color Dynamics.


□ Fill and Gradient tools with liner, radial, and mirror gradients.
□ Customizable Tolerance and Contiguous settings for the Fill and Gradient tools!
□ Smear the colors on your canvas with the Smudge tool.
□ Independently reposition layers with the Move tool.
□ Brush blur into the active layer with the Blur tool.
■ Text tool. Add text with an abundance of fonts to choose from.
■ Path tool for creating custom lines & shapes.
■ Zoom tool overlay for quick and easy zooming, repositioning, and brush resizing.


□ Manage your artwork in the in-app gallery. Preview, load, delete, or export your images.
□ Rework any image, any layer, any time. Saved artwork retains transparency, layers, and image quality.
□ Export your artwork to your device's photo album.
□ Share your artwork with friends via popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
□ Post your artwork on deviantART.
□ Post your artwork to your blog on Tumblr.
□ Email your artwork.
□ Images export as PNGs.
□ Images export at canvas sizes: (440x320 iPhone, 920x640 iPhone Retina, 984x768 iPad, 1968x1536 iPad Retina)


□ User-friendly interface makes finding tools easy and efficient.
□ Familiar shake motion can be used to erase the active layer. (You will be prompted to confirm.)
□ Quicksave keeps your artwork safe. If the application closes while you are drawing your data will not be lost.
□ Several levels of Undo and Redo.
□ Save or Revert anytime in the System Menu.
□ Supports the iOS 4.0 multitasking.
■ Handy Quick Tool bar makes switching tools faster. (iPad)
■ No more annoying ads! Which means more drawing space.
■ 2x pixels (Retina Display)


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