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Quick Cancel UK

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The purpose of this app is to display the phone numbers you need to call to report a theft, cancel your bank cards and put a bar on your mobile phone. You could be your friend’s saviour if their bag/wallet is stolen and they need to cancel everything quickly.

Every effort has been made to ensure that all information is up-to-date, but we would appreciate you contacting us if you find any errors or anything missing so we can update it accordingly. Just use the plus symbol on the top left of the Bank screen - it's as simple as that. We will verify the info and have it added to the database.

N.B. Once a phone call has been made, the phone displays the Recent calls screen. Just launch the Quick Cancel app again and it automatically returns to the screen displaying your numbers, with CANCELLED next to the last number called.


Q: Why doesn't the app save your selections after you exit it and run it again?
A: This is by design. The app may be used to produce a list of numbers for different people on different occasions, hence the reason why selections are not saved.

Q: Why can't I store my card details on the app? That would be handy.
A: This is also by design. This app is primarily a quick way to display the phone numbers you need to call. Banks only require that you answer a few security questions to determine you are who you you say you are. Besides, if your phone is stolen, you'll lose the stored data anyway and have to ask a kind friend if you can use their phone.