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The objective is to position the falling tiles so that they clear from the playing board, but to clear the tiles you must make words.

Words can be of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 letters in length.


- 50,000+ word dictionary
- 3 game modes
- 3 difficulty levels
- Left-hand and Right-hand game user interface
- Different colored Power Letters that either clear extra tiles form the board or allot bonus multipliers.
- Words can be created horizontally, vertically, and both forwards and backwards.
- 28 different achievements to accomplish
- Game progress automatically saved
- "Ghost Tile" shows you where the current letter tile will end up
- Cascading. When a word is created, any tiles above will fall down to fill the void left.

Game controls:

To move a tile horizontally, drag your finger (or thumb) left and right anywhere on the screen.

To drop a tile into place once you have it aligned, use a "flick" downward gesture.

Three different game modes:

Play to create as many words as you can. You advance in levels when you reach the "goal" number of
words for that level. As you advance in levels, the letter tiles fall faster and faster.

Race against the clock to create the "goal" number of words before the timer expires. If you complete the
level in the alloted time, you advance to the next level.

Take a break from the pressure of the Marathon or Timed game modes and leisurely create words from the tiles that appear.
In the casual game mode, the tiles do not fall at all. You drop them into place at your own pace.

Three different difficulty levels:

You can choose the minimum length of word the game will allow you to create: 3 (easy), 4 (medium), 5 (hard)

Power Letters:

- Green letter tile clears the entire row or column (depending on the direction of the word created)
- Red letter tile allots a 10x bonus to the word(s) created
- Yellow letter tile allots a 50x bonus to the word(s) created
- Purple letter tile allots a 100x bonus to the word(s) created
- White tile clears the entire board