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Would you like to walk around Kyoto with your iPhone in one hand?
This application was developed for Kyoto exclusively, by gathering popular stores data as well as their exact location, classified by genre. You can also share your impressions on the stores you visited on Twitter directly from your phone.
Are you fed up with visiting the Kyoto everybody knows?
Would you like to visit places only local people know?
Then we recommend you the “NaviKomachi” application and the “Sunaba Location” service.
“NaviKomachi” is an application developed in colaboration with the “Sunaba Location” service.
The “Sunaba Location Service” was designed to help users understand more about the various interests and particularities of many different stores, while providing store owners a way to communicate with their potential customers.
You will surely find a store that suits your tastes !
All data were recently collected on January 1, 2010. For the newest information, please check directly with the staff.
Finding a store
We have gathered 327 different stores data for the popular central Kyoto district “Sanjo-dori (Karasuma ~ Goko-dori)”.
Based on your current location, you can search our database by area, category or keywork. Results can be displayed as a list or on an area map.
From your search results you can get access to blogs and route information to the stores you would like to visit. You will be able to access the newest information available.
Using Twitter
You can connect to your Twitter account from the “NaviKomachi” application and start tweeting simply by shaking your iPhone. Type your message and shake your iPhone once more to submit it (you can also tweet by pressing the “Submit” key).
(You can also access features such as your Twitter account, password and switch mode settings. Also, when using Twitter, your tweets will be followed by the “#navikomachi” tag)
The Sunaba application focuses on Kyoto city center (Karasuma ~ Kawaramachi-dori, Marutamachi ~ Shijo-dori).
All the information provided by this service were gathered within the above mentioned area, which is representative of downtown Kyoto.
The Sunaba application focuses on the Sanjo-dori (Karasuma ~ Goko-dori) area.
All the information provided by this service were gathered within the above mentioned area.