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Ultimate Time Converter (for iPad)

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 Will this be a good time to chat to Maria in Paris? What if John from Sydney wants to join our chat and how about Chang from Hong Kong?

 Ultimate Time Converter provides you a quick answer to such questions. Not only that, if the current time is not convenient to everybody on the chat, you can easily find out a time convenient to all participants by simply changing your clock settings with a click of a button to determine the time in other timezones. 

Ultimate Time Converter not only allows you to convert your local time to other timezones, but allows you to determine the local time corresponding to any time in any other timezone in the world. For example, if you want Maria in Paris to initiate a presentation that is observed by Abdul in Dubai, Anita in San Francisco, and of course you in your local timezone, you can easily determine the most convenient time for everybody involved using Ultimate Time Converter. Maria can then make the presentation at the suggested time.

The Ultimate Time Converter provides a total of six clocks in addition to the local time clock.