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Chinese-Japanese Name reference (中日姓氏対照)

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Thank you for choosing our application "Chinese-Japanese Name reference".It's beautiful. It's functional. It's a must have application for learn Chinese names.

This application is designed to show you all of the Chinese Names with PINYIN. Also, you will see the Japanese words and pronouciation of these Chinese Names.

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- Functional and easy Interface.
- Chinese Name, PINYIN, Chinese Name in Japanese, Japanese HIRAGANA.
- In the Detail panel, you can adjust the size of the Chinese, Japanese word and type to see clearly what these words look like, and how to write them.
- You can also copy the Chinese word, PINYIN, Japanese word and Japanese HIRAGANA in the detail panel.
- Click the star in the detail panel to make/cancel a bookmark.
- Click the star in the main panel to show/hide all the bookmarks.
- Search in Chinese word, PINYIN, Japanese word, Japanese HIRAGANA.

★★★ Version1.1 ★★★
1.Add an info panel to show how to input Chinese word by handwriting when searching.

2.Text color and Background gradient color setting is available in Detail panel.

-Text Color
You can change the text color of text items in the Detail panel by adjusting RGB or HEX value.

-Background Color
You can change the background gradient color of Word/App in Detail panel by adjusting RGB or HEX value.(two types of gradient color available : vertical and horizontal)