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Calculate a multitude of financing and savings alternatives in one single program. The program contains the single applications Easyfinance Project, Carfinance and Mortgage Calculation in one single application. Universal application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You can manage your projects with different conditions and calculations. Easy to edit, easy to handle.

Show your calculations as graph or table over the time.

08/2010: MACup iPad & Co. Top-App: ***** 5-star

Calculation methods:
- Deposit: the final deposit you reach after a certain time of savings with different conditions
- Interest rate: calculate the real interest rate, if the other conditions are known
- Duration: how long do you have to save money to achieve a certain amount
- Savings rate: How much do you have to save monthly to achieve a certain amount in a defined time.
The calculation considers also a start deposit.

- Repayment: calculate the monthly repayment you have to make to pay a loan with defined term.
- Interest rate: calculate the real interest rate for a loan if the other conditions are known.
- Duration: calculate how long you have to pay to repay a defined loan
- Amount: What is the maximum loan you can afford with a defined monthly rate?

- Installment: calculate the lease rate or the monthly rate of a loan
- Interest rate: calculate the real interest rate for a leasing or loan contract with defined conditions
- Remainder: If you lease or finance your care for a defined period, what is the remainder of debts or the remainder of value?
The calculation considers also a possible rebate (in percent or as amount) and an initial payment. The costs of the finance will be also calculated.

Mortgage calculation:
- Installment: what is the monthly installment to pay the loan?
- Budget: how much is the maximum loan I can pay with the defined conditions?
The calculation considers also additional expenses (in percent or as amount) and own capital as well as a fixed interest rate for a certain time and an expected interest rate for the time after. The initial liquidation can be defined. Calculated values are borrowing requirement, liquidation, interest, remainder of debt, loan term and total costs.


Send your calculation as Text or Excel (2003-XML) attachment.

Please note that the calculation is based on a mathematical calculation.
I can not grant any guarantee for the results. For a reliable calculation please consult your bank-consultant to get a reliable offer.

I am happy to receive a good rating as well as questions or feedback. The application has been tested intesively. If you nevertheless find errors, please report the feedback by Email to my below mentioned address. Please note that error-reports in ratings are not send to the developer. Only with a direct email I can react quickly to solve the error and send an update.