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iCoptic Library is the ultimate pocket library for any Copt. The library contains many readings that a Copt may want to reference during the day for spiritual benefit: Liturgies (St. Basil, St. Gregory, St. Cyril), Agpeya, prayers, sayings of the Fathers, a large selection of hymns and spiritual articles by leaders of the Church and a large selection from the lives of the Saints.

Table of Contents:

- Spiritual Library
St. Anthony the Great: Wisdom Derived from Humility
Glorified Through Suffering
A Return to the First Church
The Holy Spirit in the Mysteries of the Church
Raised Up to Sit in Heavenly Places
The Glorious Feast of Nativity: 7 January? 29 Kiahk? 25 December?
The Spiritual Meaning of the Blessed Nativity in Our Lives
Not by the letter, but by the spirit
The Promise
The Body And Its' Parts
The History of the Liturgy
Rites of the Consecration of Deaconnesses
Contemplations on the Hymn of the Cross, Fai Etafenf
Jesus is the Door, the Way, and the Life
The Charm of Christ's Love
Jesus Fills the Soul
Not Loving the World to Reach God
The Importance of Goals in Life
A Brief Introduction to the History of Coptic Monasticism
The Feasts of the Cross
Did Judas Partake of Holy Communion?
A Homily on the Cross
God's Children Are Strong
Jonah Cried out of the Depths
The Feast of the Pentecost
The Joy of the Resurrection
The Man Born Blind (Homily 56)
How Long, O Lord? (Psalm 13)
His Help is in the Lord
The Son of Man
The Wise Steward
It is Finished
In the Garden of Gethsemane
The Great Star and the Magi
Beware of False Humility
The Spiritual Meaning of the Cross
The Deep Meaning of Fasting

- Lives of the Saints
Pope Abraam The Syrian and Simon the Tanner
Saint Abanoub
Anba Abraam
Philopatyr Marcorios
St. Anthony
Saint Arsenius the Great
Saint Augustine
Saint Barbara
St. Basil the Great
Pope Benjamin I
Abba Bishoy
Saint Cyril I
Pope Cyril (Kyrillos) VI
Saint Demiana
St. George
Saint John Chrysostom
Saint John The Short
St. Karas
Kyriacos and Eulita his mother
St. Marina
St. Mena
St. Mark The Apostle
St. Mary of Egypt
Pope Matthews the Poor
Saint Maurice
Maximus and Domatius
St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Santa Claus
St. Paul the Hermit
St. Peter of Alexandria
Abba Dionysius
Samuel the Prophet
Abba Serapamon
Abba Shenouda
Prince Theodore

- Hymns
A God like you
A3aroos el Fady El Kebteya
Abba, Father, let me be
Above All
Alboh Henayen
Amazing Grace
Amazing Love
Amen Come My Lord
Ana Masyhee Masyhee
Asrar Kinestna
Away in a manger
Awesome God
Be Bold, Be strong
Better is One Day
Come, O Lord
Crucified with Christ
Dear Precious Jesus
Do You Hear Me Praying Lord?
Doubi doubi feena
Father God
Father, I place into your hands
Fee Hozn Shadeed
Fill My Cup Lord
Forgive me My Redeemer
Give Your Heart a Home
God is dwelling in my heart
God is love
God with us
Hail to Mary
Hasten o righteous
He Has Made Me Glad (I Will Enter)

- Sayings of the Fathers
Not to Judge
True Peace
How to become a disciple
True Poverty
Life Together
The Kingdom Within
Beasts and Saints
God is for all

- Prayers
The Lord's Prayer
Prayer Before Confession
Prayer After Confession
Prayer Before Communion I
Prayer Before Communion II
Prayer After Communion I
Prayer Before Meals
Prayer After Meals
Absolution of the Priests

- Fathers of the Church
On the Mystries
On Repentance - Part 1
On Repentance - Part 2
On the Incarnation of the Word
The Handbook on Faith, Hope and Love
Concerning Faith of Things Not Seen
On the Good of Marriage
On Lying
On Patience
On Nature and Grace
On the Sermon on the Mount - Part 1
On the Sermon on the Mount - Part 2
Who is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved?
The Great Catechism
On Christ and Antichrist
Concerning Free Will
On Idolatry
On Baptism