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Eye Chart Premium

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Over 1,000,000 people have downloaded our mobile electronic eye charts. This is hands down our best one, and it's at a *limited* introductory price. If you're a doctor or nurse, try it out!

Useful for:
- Triaging & hospital bedside
- Patients who have memorized the office chart
- Testing patients regularly with the remote control

- Remote control
- Testing to 20 ft in landscape (supports mirror)
- Line isolation
- Resizing from 4 ft to 20 ft (6.5m)
- Near vision chart
- Randomizable charts:
- Snellen
- Tumbling E
- Landolt C
- Many more charts available for purchase: ETDRS, Sloan, Bailey-Lovie, Duochrome, and more.


Eye Chart Premium offers a variety of charts for a rough but useful screen of visual acuity. Simply press a button to randomize the entire eye chart, or touch an individual line of the chart to randomize that line.

Eye care professionals around the world use Snellen Eye Charts to measure visual acuity. However, patients often memorize the classic Snellen chart, leading to less accurate vision measurements. Enter Eye Chart Premium! Though this unique, notebook sized randomizable eye chart should not be used as a primary visual acuity measuring tool, it can provide a handy rough vision screen when a chart is not available, or it can be used to complement static, wall-based Snellen charts.

Eye Chart Premium was made with the best of intentions, and we hope to continue improving it. Your feedback is appreciated!