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HomeControl works only with the SmartLinc 2412N. If you don't have one, this app is useless.

HomeControl is a simple app that gives you basic control over your Insteon and X10 devices. I find this app is much more convenient to use than the built-in SmartLinc web pages; I hope you do too.

* Tap on-and-off, tap-and-hold for dimming.
* Single tap for all-off and all-on.
* Custom groups of devices.
* Quick access to the SmartLinc web page without leaving the app.
* Quickly add, edit, or delete devices and groups.
* Drag-and-drop re-ordering of devices and groups.
* Optional password protection. If you forget your password, you'll need to delete the app and re-install it.
* Display and email a web page listing your comm settings and all devices.
* Export and import all comm settings, devices, and groups via email.
* Choose your own background color. Turn tap sound on and off.
* In-app help.

Get yourself a SmartLinc and install it. Use any web browser to navigate to its web pages. Make a note of the IP address and port number. In the HomeControl app, tap "Settings", and enter those two values. (HomeControl will add the "http://" to your IP address if you leave it off).

Obtain the Insteon address(es) of your device(s). This is in the form "XX.XX.XX", where X is 0 through 9 or A through F. (HomeControl will not let you enter any other characters.) The address is printed on a sticker on the module, or you can get the address by using "add device" through the SmartLinc web pages.

Obtain the X10 address(es) of your X10 device(s). This is in the form of a house code letter (A-O), and a number (1-16), On the "Home" page of HomeControl, tap the "Add" button. Tap "Insteon" or "X10" on the requester. Enter the address of the device, of the form "12.0A.F9" for Insteon, and "B12" for X10. Enter a name for the device; this will appear on the Home page. Optionally enter a description; currently this is only displayed when you edit the device. Tap "OK" to save this device.

Continue for every device you want to control.

On the Home screen, tap the right side of the device or group bar to turn it on, and the left side to turn it off. For devices that support dimming, tap-and-hold the left or right side. To edit a device or group, tap in the center of the bar.

This is a free app, so every expense has been spared. You can post comments, suggestions, questions, and flames at