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Ultimate Omer 2 - The Sefira app you can count on.

iPhone / iPad
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Ultimate Omer 2 is the premiere sefirat ha’omer app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The first of its kind to include עלינו and change
at sunset, Ultimate Omer also features a
customizable local notification system, and a
progess tracker, so you never have to miss

As a universal app, Ultimate Omer features
stunning presentation of the daily count - perfect for making sefira a family event. Put it on display in the living
room and let the whole family count together.

Ultimate Omer 2: The Sefira app you can count on.


• Ultimate Omer 2 has been featured on the Nachum Segal show. (March 14, 2012)

• Ultimate Omer 2 is #2 in Top Grossing Paid Lifestyle apps in Israel (April 9, 2012)

• Ultimate Omer 2 is in the top 200 grossing lifestyle apps in 9 App Stores. (April 9, 2012) Thanks for your continued support!


‣ Hebrew Date Handling: The hebrew date (by which the omer is counted) begins the night before. This app uses your location to change at sunset. Sefira 3 comes with over 50 locations and can detect your location if you're not on the list. The default location is Jerusalem.

‣ Customizable Reminder: You can set a reminder daily for whatever time you like, free of charge. (If you want, you can disable the reminder too.) Don't miss a day again!

‣ Application Icon Badge: The app icon shows the current day of the עומר. Now, you don't even need to open the app - a quick glance tells you what day it is. You can now control the behavior of the badge in the Settings tab.

‣ Full Omer Text: Of course, you can tap on the app's icon and see the full text of the sefira count. This is the only Sefira app to include עלינו. Sefira 3 now supports asheknaz, sefard, and sephardic nusach.

‣ Progress Tracker: Keep track of your progress. You can mark off if you've counted with this unique progress tracker. Tap on the checkmark after you've counted. (You can tap a row to toggle if you've counted as well.)

‣ Custom Font and Line Settings: Adjust line height and font size to your liking and choose between two fonts.