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What the customers are thinking about Collection:

- This is perfect app for keeping a list of stuff - by Atfus - Version 1.3 - 14 July 2010

- Love this ap!! Very customizable and can be used for anything you want to keep a handy record of - by violatingyomama - Version 1.3 - 25 July 2010

- I've been collecting vintage pottery for years and this app has been just the inspiration I needed to FINALLY document and catalog my collection - by Pineapple guy - Version 1.3 - 04 August 2010

This application manages any kind of Collections.

The key features of the application are:
- flexibility, you create as many categories as you want
- you can change the order of the categories at any time
- you can rename the categories
- you can sort your collection on any of these categories
- you can add one or more photos to the elements of your collection
- you can zoom on the photos
- you can search your collection
- you can easily reuse the values you have entered in your collection to create new elements quicker
- you can import your collection from a csv file (created with excel or another software)
- you can export your collection to a computer or by email

You will always have your favorite collections with you: coins, stamps, wine, trading card games, butterfly, movies, girlfriends(!)...

Thanks to its flexibility, you decide what categories you want to have in your collection, like Country, Year, Photo...

For instance, you want to keep your coins' collection with you.
Create a new collection, call it 'Coins'.
Add some categories like 'country', 'currency', 'year', 'heads side' and 'tails side'. You are free to add more if you want.
You can even add / remove categories after you have added some elements in your collection.
Then add a new entry in your collection. Provide the country, currency, add pictures for the heads side and the tails side.

There are some special features to create new entries in your collection faster.
You can set a default value for a category, all entries will be created with this value.
You can also quickly choose a value that you have already entered for a category, no need to write it again.

When looking at your collection, you see the elements ordered by name but you can order them by any of your category item.
Go through your collection by looking at the pictures or by looking at elements sorted by countries in your coins' collection.
This is very handy and can be useful in several ways.

Another example is for the trading card game.
When you are somewhere and you want to show what cards you have for trade, just start the application and browse your cards by type / quantity / photo / rarity...
Anywhere you can decide which card you want to trade!

There's also an online help that provides examples about categories you might need for your collection.

If you want more features, just let me know.
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