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Crop Suey HD

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Number 1 top downloaded Photography app in Japan on iPhone (March 2010)
Top 5 top downloaded Photography app worldwide on the iPad (April 2010)
Top 10 top downloaded Photography app worldwide on iPhone (March 2010)

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to straighten, rotate, flip or crop your photos on your iPad, this is the right app for you. Use it for editing a picture before uploading it in one of your tweets, your favourite social network or sending it to your friends. Crop Suey HD is super easy to use. Just select an editing tool from the main menu at the bottom and start manipulating the image with your fingers. After that you can either apply or discard the changes. The app will not override your original image but save the edited one in your photo library.


- Straighten any crooked image
- Rotate images left/right by 90 degrees
- Flip images horizontal and vertical
- Crop images
- Different Crop Modes - 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, Free
- Display images with the original size
- Easy to use User Interface
- Keeping the aspect ratio when straightening
- Supports up to 12 megapixel images


"If you are looking for a quick and easy way to straighten or crop your photos on your iPad, then look no further than Crop Suey HD.", Glyn Evans,

"It has simple, but useful features, and overall is a very good app. It is useful for any graphical developer, from the most amateur, to even some professionals. Get it today!",

"I was looking for an app that crops and rotates a picture and this app does it perfectly.. I really like it"

"Was looking for an app that does exactly this. So glad i found one that does it so simply"

"This is an amazing app. If you want to get rid of a piece of photo, or flip round a screenshot to upload or use as a wallpaper, this is perfect!"

"This app is simlpy great. Has a great and simple user interface and does straightening and cropping just how it should be."


Watch a demo video of Crop Suey HD on youtube:

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