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PlainZen - Zen Tutorial in Plain Language

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A simple, easy to understand, tutorial of Zen and how to use it in your life. Written in plain language, this hopefully dispels the reputation of Zen as being 'mysterious', 'mystical', 'deep', 'hard to get' because of the difficulty in explaining its practice. Zen is actually very practical and simple if what is explained is what it's for and how to practice it. Other teaching books tend to get bogged down in Zen history, Zen terms and rituals. This tutorial tries to put those things aside first and concentrate on the essence of Zen: how it works, why it works, and how it makes our life better. Not a religion nor a cult nor a philosophy, Zen is a healthy mental attitude that can help anyone of any religious background or philosophy.

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Learning Zen is no big deal
How our mind works
Realization#1: Thoughts and the thinker are no big deal
Meditation/Practice#1:Do an activity...
Realization#2: You and perfection
The Self
Reality: only one self
The outside world: The world is out there
Reality: no separation
Freedom from fear: Two kinds: regular and premium
Source of fear
What's there to lose?
Meaning: Life is a river
Outside looking in
Getting back in the flow
Zen practice: Meditation: calm you down
Koans: shake you up
Enlightenment vs guilt: aha!
Conclusion: Zen is yoga for the mind
Meditation/Practice #2: Severing duality
Meditation/Practice#3: When waking or before sleeping
Is thinking or thought bad?
So how is Zen different from thinking?
How do I get that 'insight' or 'enlightenment' and how do I retain it?
How are people related, connected?
Is it okay to follow a person, a movement, a philosophy, a religion without doubt, without question?
How does Zen view money, jobs, unemployment, wars, sex, hate, love?