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The photograph taken with the camera and iTunes and the synchronizing photograph in iTunes are displayed every day.

Monthly view:
Left flick is next month.
Right flick is previous month.
Up flick is next year.
Down flick is previous year.

daily view:
It changes into one display if the photograph is done in the tap.

When the blank part is done in the tap, the toolbar is displayed.

The memo and the tag of each time stamp in the photograph were put up.
The photograph can be narrowed by the retrieval by tag or the memo.
The memo and tag can be exported by Comma Separated Value. The exporting file can be referred to with the document of DEVICE of iTunes, APP, the data sharing, and DailyPhotoNK.
The memo and tag are good at the import by Comma Separated Value. As for the exporting file that does the file or the import, the import can do the file added to the document of DailyPhotoNK with iTunes.
The CSV file appended to mail is done and the import can be done from "Open with DailyPhotoNK".
The memo is preserved besides the photograph. The time stamp in the photograph is used for associating the photograph and the memo.
Therefore, it ..same memo.. ..relation.. adheres to the photograph with the same time stamp.

Other Function:
・It corresponded to AirPrint.
・Second display correspondence
・It corresponded to the Canada and United States holiday display.
・Monday was made opening during the week.
・It corresponded to the grid form in the day display.
・It corresponded to the contribution of the photograph of Facebook.
・It corresponded to the contribution of the photograph of Twitter.
・It corresponded to "Open In...".

・This application program doesn't operate if the location service is not turned on.
・The memo is related to the time stamp in the photograph and managed. The same memo is displayed when there are two or more photographs of the same time stamp.
・There is a thing that the time stamp changes when forwarding it from iTunes to iPhone reading iPhoto the photograph taken with iPhone.
In this case, try to set it to be a correct image by changing the image of the memo edit because be displayed as "No Image" when retrieve the memo of the retrieval though be not displayed the memo.
(The shooting date and time is used in iTunes in iPhone at the saved date and time. )